Concerning Mechanics in F2D class

By | August 16, 2023

It is correct that pilots and members of complete teams cannot help other teams.
Neither can pilot in incomplete teams do that.

But there are other that can help as mechanics:

  1. Other members of the national team. A stunt flyer (for instance) can help without problem. As being a member of the national team, he doesn’t need to register as a mechanic. It is a good idea of him to tell us that he will help. He has already paid his entry fee, so he doesn’t need to pay any extra fee.
  2. Mechanics helping incomplete teams can also help other incomplete teams. If you find one to help you please ask him to register for the “mechanics pool”.
  3. Independent mechanics that don’t help any (in-) complete can register in a pool. This is for persons that enjoy to take part and want to help.

Organizers will register such persons. The ones here must possess a sporting license (as all others that take part as mechanics).

So, if you can’t fill up your needs with other members of your team you can start look in the F2D Final Entry List for incomplete teams and see what mechanics they have. And then ask if they also are willing to help you.

See useful link:  2023 FAI F2 EChs – F2D Mechanics’ Pool  to get list of registered F2D Mechanics.