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FAI CIAM Sporting Code 2023 (PDF-format)  <ACTIVE>

FAI Code of Ethic (PDF-format)  <ACTIVE>

FAI Disciplinary Code 2023  (PDF-format)  <ACTIVE>


FAI ID Number  (PDF-format)  <ACTIVE>

FAI Model Sticker Sheet  (DOCX-format)  <ACTIVE>

FAI Specification Certificate 2022  (PDF-format)  <ACTIVE>

Athletes Acknowledgment and Agreement  (DOC-format)  <ACTIVE>

Protest Form  (PDF-format)  <ACTIVE>

FAI TUE Application_Form_2021  (PDF-format)  <ACTIVE>


You can find useful information using link: https://www.fai.org/anti-doping If a competitor has to take, by a medical condition, any of the substances listed on the WADA. Prohibited List then he must have a Therapeutic Use Exemption from the FAI www.wada-ama.org .
Quotation from the FAI anti-doping regulations: “If you regularly take medication prescribed by your doctor and this medication is on the WADA prohibited list, you need to get a form called a TUE (therapeutic use exemption) filled out by your doctor. International level athletes must send the form to the FAI Secretariat, national level athletes send it to their National Air Sport Control”. Use link: https://www.fai.org/page/anti-doping-therapeutic-exemptions  or more information.   

See above useful document: Athletes Acknowledgment and Agreement (DOC format).